For A Love I Can’t Express is an interactive experience in memory of a special friendship developed during the pandemic. Inspired by a poem by Alice Zheng, "if the train goes at the speed of light...does everything we carry upon just fly into space?", this is a visualization of the ubiquitous yet serene emotions I felt in this relationship.

There is no goal or score in the game, as you travel in a transparent train through the endless space. Each scene represents different emotions, but they all explore the mixed feelings of uncertainty, vulnerability, and sentimentality, especially during this confusing time. You can choose to turn on/off the subtitles, creating unique interpretations based on your own experiences.

How to play: WASD - move, QE - up/down, Right mouse drag - rotate view, C - turn on/off subtitle. When close to the train button, Y - start/stop the train.

Alice's poem will be published in the Westwind Journal, winter 2020 issue soon.


For A Love I Can't Express for Mac 36 MB
For A Love I Can't Express for Windows 34 MB


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Great game, may it remind you of this special time forever. It's great how you are able to express your feelings through words and keep them forever inside this project. Maybe you will come back to this in some years and it will remind you. I had a very similar situation, met a girl in an online game. It wasn't like I was in love with her (I think), she was more like the sister I never had, we spent the whole summerbreak every night in our Minecraft survival world. Okay sudden rush of feelings and idk why I'm telling you this
Have a good day

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Thanks for sharing this lovely story my friend. I believe it's all fate when it comes to meeting someone and our relationships. If it starts or ends all we can do is to embrace it, and make something in memory of it so that we never forget.